Rancho rs9000xl vs Bilstein 5100

Both the brands in today’s battle are the pioneers in manufacturing shock absorber, and Rancho has been a powerhouse of shock absorbers with its huge collection and edition of products. On the contrary, Bilstein flaunts a line of shock absorber that can be fit for any vehicle and driver.

To prolong the debate one thing to mention the models’ rancho rs9000xl and Bilstein 5100 is the unification of retro and modern technology. Though both are efficient and appropriate for some particular drivers yet they have their different customers.

Rancho rs9000xl vs Bilstein 5100

Rancho rs9000xl

Bilstein 5100

Rancho RS9000XL measures 2.75-inch

Bilstein’s body size is only 1.95-inch

Rancho RS9000XL offers up to 4” height settings

Bilstein 5100 has the capacity for only 3” settings

Piston size 1 to 1/4 inch

Piston size 1.8 inch

Rod Material Double chromed

Rod Material Chrome Plated Steel

Rod’s sizes are 18mm for the Rancho

Rod’s sizes are 14mm for the Bilstein’s

It has an inbuilt adjustable damping feature that dampens the heavyweight tires.

Capable of dampening extra weight but does not have any specific feature.

Durable Body With a Metallic Finish

Bilstein 5100 has zinc-plated steel instead

The self-lubrication feature is available.

The self-lubrication feature is not available.

It offers a 9-Position system for quick turns and total control

Bilstein 5100 provides quick transitions, the technology behind it isn’t as good

With technology that offers 9-positions turning, the Rancho RS9000XL guarantees smooth turns and sturdy control regardless of the road type.

The Bilstein 5100 may not have the same feature, but it still does well.

The rancho rs9000xl is the flag bearer of modern technology; you may get all the high-end features to secure driving. It introduces 9-position tuning technology for the ultimate control over your driving under any environment and road condition. Moreover, the nine position adjustment system makes it the most versatile to fit your SUV or truck. This shock absorber is just the perfect definition of both you on-road and off-road control fashioned with modern technologies.

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Now, about the Bilstein 5100, this model itself is an all in one product for all the traditional drivers. If you are looking for a shock absorber for your everyday driving, you are bound to go for this one. The 5100 series swears by the high-pressure nitrogen gas to enhance your driving control. Apart from all fancy and exaggerated features, this model is your go shock-absorbent for SUVs and trucks.

Quick Review on Rancho rs9000xl

This exclusive model comes with a graphite filled piston that is great for responsive driving. To add more, the tri- tube body ensures the least air and oil moisture. The extended body with bigger piston along with the latest nine positions turning technology is what any driver can ever ask for even mountain roads. The most exciting feature is yet to come, the nine position adjustability feature, what else can one ask for!


  • Nitro Carb extended rod for both off and on-road driving.
  • Tri tube design to hold maximum fluid than other shocks.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and extended durability.
  • Charged with nitrogen gas- ensures the best outcome.
  • Cooler and more consistent due to large body size.

Rancho rs9000xl settings

This new shocks developed by the Rancho’s is attracting some serious buyers. Implementing the shocks will extinguish all creaks. The install system is easy and the shocks have nine settings of their own. The first three settings are designed to help you with the off-road driving and enhance the flexibility offered.

The next three on the parameters is about are for daily driving. And the last three are concentrates on any towing if needed.Adjustment is simple like the installation. The dial needs to be turned clockwise to harden and in the opposite direction if soften wanted. Move it anti-clockwise as far as possible, when you feel that it can’t be moved any further then you have reached the settings one and from there on you can hear as you up the settings clockwise.

The product the business sells from their authorized representative is set to settings five for regular usage. You can change the settings yourself to have the ride desired. The ability and flexibility offered are a result of Robust made, metallic finish.

Are Rancho shocks good?

Shocks brought on to the market by this company are reliable and have been a top competitor in the industry for over 70 years. Cars today are trusted to do both off-road and on road smoothly but is it possible without a trusted pair of shocks? No, it is not. The Rancho shocks are not only good for lift but they complement your car as the stock too.

Teflon powered piston seals and twin-tube design, mounts welded efficiently and rods are chromed twice; these specifications justify the huge fan base. The flexibility you enjoy with multiple settings is the comfort derived from it states why it is a shock everyone trusts. So in our opinion, yes they are just as good as they get.

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