Valvoline vs Pennzoil Synthetic Oil

Valvoline vs. Pennzoil

Motor oil companies are top-rated these days. It is a lubricant using in various cars, engine generators and other vehicles. It plays an essential role in keeping the engine of a vehicle running swiftly and gives it better safety. Valvoline nowadays a very well-known motor oil brand, which is synthetic engine oil including an excellent engine lab, whereas Pennzoil is an American oil company that offers vehicles to give high performance and provides much protection.

Comparing to other motor oils, Valvoline and Pennzoil are considering as the best one for several decades. There are a lot of options out there. But if we think of the best options, we will have to be here. But if we compare the best one between these two oil companies, it can be a dilemmatic task. And to find out the best one, let’s dive into the discussion.

Valvoline vs Pennzoil Table



Weight is 29.9 Pounds

Weight is 11.9 Pounds

Valvoline Synpower has an A3/B4 which means it is typically used in newer vehicles

While the A1/B1, A5/B5 in Pennzoil Platinum is commonly used in older vehicles.

Superior sludge and varnish protection

Better viscosity control is achieved even under severe oxidative

Outstanding high-temperature protection

Excellent Low Temperature Viscosity

Helps Reduce Engine Wear at High Temperatures With Improved Viscosity Stability

Anti-Wear Performance Characteristics With Shear Stability.

Designed to be used in high performance gasoline and light duty engines

It is used for high performance gasoline in newer vehicles and light duty diesel engines.

Short Review Of Valvoline

Valvoline synthetic motor oils provide great protection to all types of vehicles against engine wear and corrosion. Valvoline’s top-of-the-line product is Valvoline Durablend Motor Oil , which provides protection against sludge, wear and oil breakdown.

Valvoline has a handful of other synthetic products that can be used in older cars or trucks with high mileage to help improve their performance and protect the engine from wear caused by extreme heat and friction. It’s important that you use the right kind of motor oil for your car! Using the wrong oil can actually do more harm than good.

Valvoline Synpower delivers complete protection even in extreme weather conditions. It’s because it is designed to survive for being hot or too cold. It can balance everything so well. But at high temperatures, oil can leak out. Further, it cannot evaporate while heating up to the chamber. So, it has pros and also cons in a sense.

If you are looking for whole fuel efficiency and affordable quality in a motor oil change, you will surely go with this one. It has a budget-friendly price for which everyone can purchase it and use it. Besides, it is available in a bottle of 4 liters. So, you can easily use it more than once. Furthermore, it can be recycled and can also use again. So, it will also be an advantage of these Valvoline engine oils than others.

  • A synthetic oil
  • Has no evaporation
  • It is recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • Can provide smooth performance

Short Review Of Pennzoil

Pennzoil is known for its high quality and great performance. The Pennzoil motor oil your car requires is formulated to protect against the high-temperature, high-stress demands of modern engines.

Pennzoil’s flagship product, Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Vehicle Motor Oil , is specifically designed for cars that have more than 75,000 miles on them! If you own an older vehicle, or if you drive a lot of miles every year, Pennzoil is the oil for your car.

  • Has better fuel economy
  • Has better wear protection
  • Excellent performance in any temperature
  • Has a complete protection

Our Observation

So, which is the best choice for your car? Pennzoil or Valvoline? It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the absolute best protection for your high performance car, go with a Pennzoil product. If you have an older car with high mileage, Pennzoil is definitely the better option. If you’re looking for a general purpose oil that can be used in any type of car, Valvoline is a great choice.

No matter what brand of oil you choose, make sure to change it regularly according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual! Oil plays an important role in keeping your car running smoothly, so don’t neglect this important maintenance task.

Who owns Pennzoil?

The company is owned by Shell oil co. which is a fully owned unit of Royal Dutch or popularly known as Shell group. The company is a very old entity of the industry.  It can be traced back to 1889 as south Penn oil co. This American centered business led the market as a core producer of natural gas, crude oil and automotive in the past.

How much is an oil change at Pennzoil?

It would cost you about $39.99 for usual 5 quarts of oil and a complimentary oil filter is added. Oil change takes about 10 minutes. Meanwhile the service center offers free check up on tire pressure and a top off for all the fluids in the vehicle. Oh, and you will get a free car wash which can be availed as per your need.

How much is an oil change at Valvoline?

Oil change varies from $39 to $89 in this company. Although a fully synthetic, high mileage oil will cost you about $59.99. When you go for the service, you will receive new oil filter and all chassis components lubricated. They also check all the fluids involve in the car, tire pressure, lights and batteries.

How much is a valvoline instant oil change?

Instant oil change is kind of a drive through service provided by the business. 5 quarts of synthetic blend oil would cost you $49.99. This new initiative gives you the luxury of coming in straight without any appointment, staying in car while the service is performed.

What time does Valvoline open?

They open at 9 am and runs as long as 5 pm with just a 30 minutes break for lunch. The service is adored by the users as they don’t have to place any appointment but just show up in the working hour. To your surprise, many employees even work overtime to meet the added demand.


Moving to both synthetic motor oils into comparison, we saw the features and explanations of both oils and their companies. We will recommend you the Pennzoil one because of its well-known fact and also for its amazing and better qualities.

We can suggest to you but only you can take all the decisions. The best thing would be checking all the information and reviews or you can try both of these on your own. Then you can find out the actual differences. No matter what would be the better by any means, make sure the oil which you choose for your vehicle can give the engine full safety. Try it out on your own and then decide which is better.

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