Tonneau Cover Replacement Parts and Accessories

A functional system is composed of the central unit and the accessories. The tonneau cover is not an exception to this. Where tonneau cover is the main unit and accessories included may be essential or optional. Tonneau accessories are dependent on the type of covering which is going to be installed.

Accessories for truck bed cover included retriever, led strip, tailgate gasket, side rail, toothed clamp, buckles for the roll-up type of covers. Hinges, drain tube and valve, cargo anchor — toolbox, locks, and latches. Accessories are different for different kinds of covers. Before buying any kind of Tonneau cover check out the comparison of bakflip g2 vs mx4 .

Tonneau Replacement Parts

Retriever: It is an optional accessory. It is used for pushing and pulling of luggage, once loaded in the truck.

Led strips with the switch:- For the light source in the truck bed. Truck Light Bulb are the important parts of tonneau accessories. 

Tailgate gasket:- To seal the area between the tailgate and posterior-most portion of the truck bed. It is for the prevention of water leakage during car wash and rain.  

Side rail:- These are used for providing the base for sliding, rolling and folding of the truck bed cover. They act as a shock absorber and provide sealed packaging to the truck bed. Thus prevent water leakage in the truck bed.

Buckles:- These are used for holding the roll-up cover in rolled position. This provides more space for large cargo. And the access area to the bed is also increased.

Hinges:- These are used in tri-fold cover and hinged truck bed cover. The purpose of these is to hold the cover in the upright position without assistance while loading and unloading the cargo.

Drain tube:- These are used to drain the collected water in a truck bed during car wash or rain.

Cargo anchor:- If you want to load some oversize cargo. You can load it above the cover if the cover is strong enough or the cargo’s weight is low. 

You can load oversize cargo by partially or entirely opening the tonneau cover. In that case, you need a cargo anchor for stabilizing the cargo while transporting.

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Tonneau cover Clamp:- These are for fixing the side rail. These provide fixing of side rail without any drilling. The toothed clamp is the best for holding and fixing the tonneau cover with the truck bed. These can be removed and applied easily for installation and removal of the truck bed cover.

Tonneau cover lock:- One of the critical functions of truck bed cover is the protection of valuables. If the lock is not installed in tonneau cover, then this purpose remains deficient. Hardcover is more favorable for the locking system. On the other hand, softcover like the roll-up cover is sealed with velcro or snaps only. There are a variety of locks available in the market like key-based, remote-controlled. You can choose based on your choice and budget.

Tonneau Cover tent:- Trucks are most commonly used for transportation of cargo. But they can be used for camping purposes if they have installed a tent on the truck. Tonneau tents are loved by most of the peoples because of better protection, portability and sufficient space for a small family. 

Tents can be strapped or hooked to the various location of the truck. They are made of breathable polyester. Camping on a tonneau tent is excellent because it provides better protection from reptiles during the rainy season.