Proforged vs Moog Ball Joints

The ball joints are a pivotal part of a car to function. They are the connection between parts that help run the vehicle. This tech allows the car to rotate freely so we can steer and control the vehicles as per our needs. The joints are uniformed with socket and ball. This joint then eases the driving in the bumpy road creating a bridge between the parts. This small but effective technology plays an immensely big role in providing safety while driving. Failure of the product is never a cheerful event you would hope for, as it can sometimes be hard to control.

Proforged vs Moog Table

Proforged Ball Joint

Moog Ball Joint

Total Weight 1 pounds

Total Weight 0.45 pound

Steel studs coated chromyl considered toughest on the earth

Treated with heat to match OE asking standards

Dimensions 4.1 x 2.5 x 2.7 inch 

Dimensions 0.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 inch

Grease Able Socket

Grease Able Socket

Recommended for 4 wheelers

Can be used in 4 or 2 wheelers

Manufacturer Proforged LLC

Manufacturer Moog Inc.

Company warranty of 1,000,000 miles

Lifetime of warranty for defective parts

Proforged ball joints are built using some of the toughest steel on the planet.

Ball studs are heat treated to match or exceed OE requirements.

The manufacturing companies try their best to launch a product that can keep down the percentile of failure. The companies here are famous in the auto industry for their variety of products. The enriched product line is a huge plus to earn the trust of the customers. Like most of the products, the companies do excel in making ball joints for vehicles. Even though we possess a lot of similarities, we are making a substantial table to differentiate between them.

Proforged Ball Joint Review

The company is internationally renowned for the parts and service they provide through their dealership. A dedicated concentration on chassis parts has always been the key part of their success. The company offers a strong 7 product lineup. The company product line has so far met the standard of practice use. 

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Use of CAD and factory testing such as the fitness, finish, along with performance monitoring like the durability to endure the weight is what thrives them to produce world-class products like the ball joints. This is not the end. They measure the elasticity of the joints, spray test, and even the stud pulling. The amount of hard work they put in every product allows them to offer the luxury of an extravagant warranty of 1,000,000 miles. Having proved its worth by performance, the designers make it more attractive to the timeless showcase.

Fruitful features of the ball joints 

  • The audacious warranty of 1 million miles.
  • The ball joins made of the strongest steel in the earth. Being checked over and over again, the product is precise from every angle
  • Easily available throughout the year and can be found around the corner for the service of their dealers.
  • Budget-friendly with the premium touch to it.

Proforged Chassis parts

Chassis parts made by the company are one the finest you can find in today’s market. Please talk about the strong modern-day vehicles, and they are designed to go as fast as possible. To back the car’s speed needs fine chassis parts and the business is a name to trust in this matter. Ball joints made by this company are known to match the quality. The parts such as arms, ball joints, rod ends, and links are the business’s specialized sector.

They excel in making these as they have vast experience and engineering efficiency to procreate. Then the parts go through rigorous testing of hardness, structure and fitness. Chassis parts are the company’s main advertising point, and the business puts a lot of effort into perfecting the products. This is a prime reason why the parts made by them can perform in extreme conditions ensuring maximum output.   

How good are proforged ball joints?

The ball joints introduced by the company have been a top product by the business. It is not just any hoax; the joints have its worth. Treating your car with these ball joints will fix a fundamental problem caused by the suspensions. Many cars seem to lean out on top of the tire, which is why the tire has less contact with the ground. These joints take the liberty to fix such problems with significant improvement to the handling. 

Talking about the built quality, you can go on and on about the pros of the product. Steel forged stud with an equally tough housing, these ball joints are tested to its most in the labs. Proven performance on road, the product is wanted every year in various models. A warranty of 1,000,000 miles is just a presentation of how good the ball joints are. 

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