Moog vs Duralast Ball Joints

The operation of vehicles demands a lot of technology work harmoniously to have a safe and sound drive. Ball joints are present in all the cars connecting the steering knuckles with the arms control. Ball joints being one of the most pivotal parts of a suspension system is often ignored. The result is not what you would want to hear. Ball joints are functioned to pivot. They go on pivoting on and on from different angles.

This product is built with a lot of power to endure constant pressure from driving. Wearing out is a subjective matter as it depending on the usage of the car. A car often driven around rough roads will result in faster worn-out joints than a car driven around flat streets. When a joint is worn out so much that it can’t serve anymore, it should be replaced with new ones without compromise.

Duralast vs Moog Table

In this section, we compare the products of two very famous ball joint manufacturer companies and their product. We will talk about the core ingredient, lifespan, and service providing ability. To start, we draw a radical table of the ball joints attributes.



Model k8607T

Model FA2101

Total Weight 1 pounds

Total Weight 1.52lbs

Bearing Strength "OE standard"

Bearing Strength "OE standard"

Grease able socket available

Grease able socket available

Built for Both 4 and 2 Wheelers

Built for 4 wheeler mainly

Warranty lifetime

Warranty limited lifetime

Made In Japan

Made In U.S.A

Long-lasting protection from powder coating

Long-lasting protection from powder coating

Duralast Ball Joints Review

At the beginning of the company, it used to specialize in alternators and starters. In current times the company has grown to be one of the best there is. The expanded their service to meet the vigorous demand and to meet the demand by supplying more than 20 different products. The parts are well tested in the sphere and proven their worth in performance.   

Having the products implemented in more than a million vehicles just in the US, the quality is imperial to others. Parts are tested in laboratories and go through tests even like life testing and simulations of a real-life scenario. This forces the company’s product to service your car to medium-sized trucks. Ball joints are one of their premium products and one of the best sellers. It is an ideal example of the company’s quality. The ball joints being so crucial to seek individual attention from the producer. 

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The ball joints created by the business are what you would search for in the market to replace your original ones. Precise design and creatively engineered are so distinctive that you can easily mark a product by the company when you see one.

Characteristics of the ball joints what stands out :

  • industry-leading performance and exceptionally uniquely engineered
  • every product equalize or surpass the OE standards
  • The materials used in construction is forged with micro-alloy steel
  • The sealed socket will save you from the hassle of greasing

What causes ball joints to go bad?

Ball joints are very sturdy and you will hardly ever see one fail. However, they do wear out with time. A quality joint will easily serve you year after year. The effects are severe and symptoms are many when the joints wear out. A harsh fact to face is no matter how small the part is, consequence after failing can be dangerous.

Causes behind failed ball joints are many. Of course, continuously driving puts pressure and every part tend to wear out slowly. But that’s just standard procedure. Dirt, Derbies and many small harmful particles can make its way into the ball joints. These things then make the rolling of the ball hard and the grease gets all dirty. This is considered the prime reason for the ball joints to fail. Rust and grease leakage is another cause. When coming in to contact water, the rust is obvious which wears out the seal and eventually, the grease leaks out. Grease is the mechanism inside the housing to let the ball roll in its way. So hampering the regular movement will jolt and the indication is visible that your ball joints have gone bad. The seal used is either sealed or changeable. In an unstable seal the grease is up for alteration. And using impure grease will only make it worse.  

These are the causes how a ball joints can go bad. But we do have to keep in mind that it depends mostly on the driver and the vehicle because a vehicle running off-road will have a worn-out ball joint faster than a regular usage ball joints.

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