Leer vs ARE Camper Shell

Truck covers are trendy all around the world. For their affordability and easy installation process backed up by quality made it so customer favorite. The opportunity to use the space in the back of a car is always beneficial for the owner. It can function as a toolbox, personal space, and many things. The clever use of the toppers and their effectiveness has led the industry into a giant.

As you may know, the companies that we are talking about are prominent members of the industry and there might not be such a revolution in the absence of these two. We talk about their design, affordability and multidimensional characteristics. These two companies, respected participants of a similar industry, have their fan base. But in some terms, they have their differences. We form a radical comparison table discussion about the facts.

Leer vs Are Toppers

Leer Truck Caps

A.R.ETruck Caps

Sliding window with screen roof is fully insulated

Remote control entry system has a option for extra light water resistant seal

It is considered as one of the best in fittings and slick design is a top notch

Top ranked fitness with signature design

keyless remote for operation comes with 2 locks and a water seal

keyless remote for operation 2 locks with a water seal that is water resistant

Comes with a rear window, rain gutter that stays true to its features

Rain gutter, rear window with a screen.

Water Seal Available

Water Seal Available

Has 3 facilities in America to provide easily and quickly

Largest manufacturer of toppers protected by 500 dealers

lifetime paint warranty with 1 year of parts in it

lifetime paint warranty and 3 years warranty for its parts

Leer Truck Caps Review

A high-end topper to suit your choice, the first name that pops into your head is this frontier company. Having earned the applause from the user, it does the standard for its fellow manufacturer to the next level. To meet the enormous inflows of demands and meet the deadline, they initiated three different facilities across the US. A well-equipped team to deliver the new product on the verge of New Year and maintaining them is an outrageous thing to do and the company has never failed so far.

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Quality fiberglass, reliable hardware, and designs that are trim less with lots of models to choose from give the consumers the option they deserve. We now have a close look at the signature features they offer.

  • Design is a huge plus point in this fact. The designer team put in hours of work to come up with a trim less topper design, which is unique
  • The keyless remote addition makes the operation makes it more hassle-free
  • The front window of the topper is removable and the interior of it is furnished with dynamic style
  • A significant inside release is offered, which many of its competitors opt to leave out.

Leer fit chart

Features in a product that attracts the buyers are just too many for the company. High-end specifications with a proven quality have made it obvious to extend the fitment vehicles. Toppers brought on to the market are a hot product of today’s market and a global demand justifies the statement.

The vehicles that fit the toppers are many but they have something in common. For instance, the speed clamp of most cars are S. few of them have a T rating. Some of the big car companies where the toppers can be implemented with a great fit are Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. Some of the car industry’s big names have opened their arms to receive the toppers made by this particular company, which shows how well they have performed.

Leer camper shell parts

If you want to afford the premium product with minimum investment, well, this company might have answers to your prayers. As their motto says, your car is your identity. The wide range of options lets you buy which suits you the most.

The parts involved in the shells are like most other shells with some signature parts of the company. So the basic parts are brake lights, clamps, seals, mounts, Lock, Door, window, cover and many more. Bulb seal and 12v fuse box and a huge 20’’ light bar are the shells’ signature features.

Leer is a huge company with an enormous product line. Take toppers; for example, they have thousands of them in different colors and shapes. To accommodate and achieve customer satisfaction, the company needs to provide replacement parts too. The replacement parts play a crucial role in terms of purchase. A product with no trusted replacement parts is often ignored. The company has successfully held up its end with the quality and performance till the date.

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