How to Remove a Truck Bed by Yourself

The tonneau cover is used to protect the loaded cargo from opportunistic thieves, truck bed from rough weather. They also improve the mileage of the truck by decreasing the air drag in the truck bed. Thereby helps to improve engine life and save money on gas. But there might be situations when you need to remove the tonneau cover.

Condition to Remove

  1. If your truck bed cover is not water-resistant. And it would help if you washed your truck before the starting.
  2. If you want to complete the complete access to the truck bed in case of cleaning or painting the truck, then it becomes essential to remove the cover. Because the exposed area to the external environment is near drills and screws, this exposed area is most vulnerable to rusting.
  3. If you want to load the big cargo, which cannot be accommodated under the tonneau cover, then you need to remove the truck bed cover. And many other situations may be there depending on the owner’s requirements.
  4. The procedure to remove tonneau cover is different for different types of a tonneau cover. Some are secured with the help of velcro or adhesive tapes, and some are secured with screws, nuts or bolts. Some covers like roll-up type don’t need to be removed. They are just rolled and the requirement to access the bed area is achieved.
  5. You can easily remove the soft tonneau cover with dismounting of clamps and screws. There is no need to follow step by step directions. While the removal of hardcovers like rigid fiberglass ones requires some special skills and assistance. So, here we are going to tell you about the removal of a hard tonneau cover.

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How to Remove Tonneau Cover?

  1. You will need some tools like a screwdriver and some human help. Because you can’t remove a hardcover with simple pulling. So, better ask someone to assist you.
  2. First of all, open the tailgate for visibility underneath to tonneau cover. Then open the tonneau cover. It will help you to find out the point of attachment of the cover to the truck bed. It is advised to place something soft in between the cover and bed. It will prevent the chance of accidental scratching.
  3. Now remove the clips with the help of the screwdriver. Clips are used for attaching a shock mount of cover to the shock bracket to the truck bed. Later on, you can remove the shocks.
  4. The next task is the removal of pins. Pins were used to stabilize the hinges. Gently pull the pins out of the hinges. It will detach the cover entirely from the truck.

The final step. Now your cover is completely dismantled from the truck. Now you need to dismount it. This is the step where you need to ask for others to help you because of the heavyweight of the cover. After removal, keep your tonneau cover safe until you need to use it again. If you are interested in finding out the best retractable truck bed cover then don’t forget to check out our homepage.

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