Detroit Axle vs Moog

Detroit Axle and Moog Ball Joints are two different types of ball joints that Detroiters choose between based on their needs. Detroit Axles has a reputation for being tough and durable, while Moog is known for its high-quality parts. People often have to make the decision between Detroit or Moog when it comes to automotive suspension components because they want the best possible product without breaking the bank

In this blog post, we will discuss some pros and cons of both Detroit Axle vs Moog Ball Joints in order to help you decide which one is right for your car! The ball joints in a vehicle are designed to allow the wheels to move up, down, forward, backward, left and right. They also provide a pivot point for steering.

Detroit Axle vs Moog Ball Joints

Moog ball joints and Detroit axle ball joints are two solutions for car axles. They each have their own specific applications and benefits, but which is better? To answer this question, let’s look at the pros and cons of both products in this table.

Detroit Axle


Lower Ball Joints

 Lower Ball Joint

Build With Strict Quality Control Standards

Match Or Exceed OE Requirements

Ready For Quick Installation

Hassle Free Installation

Excellent Resist Of Heat, Corrosion, Leakage

OE Standards With Heat Treatment

Greasable Socket Reduces Corrosion And Wear

Greasable Socket Reduces Corrosion And Wear

It Fits 4x4 4wd 8-lug Models Only / 1500 Ram Mega Cab

Vehicle Specific Fits (Check Your car manual for Details)

10 Year of Replacement Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Comes With Nut, Cotter Pin, Grease Zerk, And Dust Shield.

Comes With Nut, Cotter Pin, Grease Zerk, And Dust Shield.

Designed For The Best Durability And Performance

It Reduced Friction And Build For Long Life

Vehicle owners may not have to change the joints every few days, but to inspection, the health of it is considered mandatory. There are signs that one can look for. Having defective ball joints can be deadly. Even the premium ball joints are quite affordable, which implies that you should not drive your car around faulty ball joints.

The companies here are respectable members of the industry. They were operating over the time they acquired valuable knowledge of buyer’s needs. And buyers sometimes look for a radical comparison between the two. To make a fair and square comparison we choose a ball joint (same category) from each of the companies.

Detroit Axle Ball Joints Review

This Business institution is a global leader and has a dealership in various countries. The commitment to serve premium first-class products has been their top priority. The company excels in making car parts in accordance to OE standards. The customer relationship is very carefully handled by trained staff.

 Doing business over 30 years in this sector, the company is expanding its product line quickly to offer more services to the clients they currently hold. Some of the expanded products are CV axles, gearbox, shock absorbers, chassis parts, brake rotors, brake pad, drive shafts and counting. It has gained much popularity by introducing the products.

The company dispensed its service to more a million individuals thus created a global demand for a continuation of supply. Being centered in Detroit, they have two located stores in north and west of the city. And the head of the operation is carried out in 8 miles, Detroit. This retail facility is over 180,000sq feet making them the leading auto supplying unit in Midwest. They have another 225,000sq feet establishment under construction which is due now for the global pandemic.

Ball joints are one of the first products introduced by the business. They even come as a full suspension kit. The experts working behind the product deem it the best in its range. The socket and the ball are the final product of a very hardened process. The ball joints buyers are recommended to buy according to the fitment chart. 

Attributes of the ball joints

  • Light-weighted with quality elements
  • 10 years of warranty for any faulty parts with the easy replacement process
  • The ball is lab tested and performance is proven on the road 
  • The company offers free delivery for the product and well-trained service crews.

Is Detroit Axle a good brand?

Yes definitely. The company is globally renowned and retails its parts all around the world. The wide range of products the company avails in the market makes them hard to avoid in any terms. Some of the core products are CV axles, Brakes, Shocks, Wheel Hub, chassis parts and many more.

Being in the business for over 30 years and millions of consumers worldwide, the company is a giant of the industry. Their HQ is in Detroit with an area covering 180,000 sq feet. The customer care and the products are both top-notch which makes them a brand worth trusting.  

Where is Detroit Axle parts made?

The parts are made in a china based plant. The company has a rich history of success in every sphere. The parts were initially made in the US but they shifted it to china’s reasoning cheaper manufacturing cost. The quality hasn’t dropped a bar as the company accepts the product after fully reviewing it. Then the products are distributed around the world from their Detroit based warehouse. However, The CEO of the company has been thinking of bringing manufacturing back in US.     

Detroit Axle warranty

The warranty is broken down into two categories depending on parts. For Axles, Rack or gearboxes, the company offers lifetime warranty for its defective parts and will replace them in such occurrence. For other parts like Wheel hub, suspension parts, shafts they offer ten years of warranty.

They will replace any defects shown up to 90 days in the parts then repair them for the remaining warranty. Any alteration or modification will void the warranty and the parts must be bought from the company itself. Bear in mind that the labor charge in installing the product and shipping cost does not take any responsibility for these factors as they are not included in the warranty. 

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