Bilstein 5125 vs 5100

Bilstein 5100 vs. 5125

Do you want an easy-going tool for lifting vehicles in an easy way? Do you want a shock that can match with the vehicle? Well, it will be a tough task to choose and compare between the lots of high-rated tools. Bilstein is a brand of well-known facilities. This can give you all the comfort and adjust ability which you and your vehicle need.

When it’s time to compare and select between the two well-featured and popular products, it will be a tough task. These two models have two different features and drives. So, according to these features and also your choices, you should choose.

Bilstein 5100 vs 5125 Comparison

Bilstein 5100

Bilstein 5125

Piston Size 46 mm

Piston Size 46 mm

Total Weight 5.64 pounds

Total Weight 4.81 pounds

Rod Size 14 mm

Rod Size 14 mm

Dimension 68.58 x 8.89 x 10.16

Dimension 26.8 "x 2.95 " x 2.95 "

Body Materials "Plated Steel"

Body Materials "Plated Steel"

Overall Performance is good & Fast Transition

Overall Performance is good & Smooth Transition

Adjustability in the shocks are Available

Adjustability option are Available

Average lifespan is 5 years or about 80,000 km

Average lifespan is 5 years or about 80,000 km

Country of Origin UNITED STATES

Country of Origin UNITED STATES

When you choose a tool, you must question yourself first. You must think which shock will go with the vehicle, whether it will give the vehicle that kind of a lift or not, whether it will adjust with the vehicle or not. It will be one task which you do first. Then you should compare the two.

It is normal to think of. And to solve your problem and making it a bit easier for you, we are having short comparison descriptions to be clearer on it. So, let’s get into.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are going to buy a shock, you have to be more careful and you also should find out a way so that you can unlock your choices. There are some issues which you must handle it.

And before buying a shock, you have some stuff to do. You must check some reviews and guide the users first. In this way, you can get the most desirable and preferable product for you. So, for that reason, let’s find out which features are important as well as suit you and your job the most.

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Every shock has different technologies in itself. But choosing that particular one with suitable technology is important. Naturally, every shock has a quality that can reduce even eliminate fade and aeration. It helps to give you a smooth ride every time.

So, getting those things done is essential before choosing a shock for your car. So, you should compare these two first according to its technologies and ideal features and then decide to buy.

Adjust ability

Adjust ability is essentially important in every shock. Surprisingly, Bilstein offers you the best adjustable shock you can ever imagine. And with that feature, you can get the work done more effectively and quickly. So, this feature in any shock is equally important. You should look at this fact before purchasing any shock.

Lasting Period

Well, when you are buying a shock, you must think about whether it lasts longer or not. Compare these two shocks according to their life span. That’s how; you can get the most durable one for you and your car.

In a general way, a shock can take up to 50,000 miles. If we will count the time by year, it will 5 years of using capacity. After that, you have to replace it. So, be concerned about this fact before buying any product. That’s how; you definitely get the better one.

Bilstein 5125 Shocks Review

Technology is evolving with your assistance and comfort every day. This product takes it one step closer to perfect your customized vehicle. The shocks give the ultimate comfort and take your tension away ensuring longevity. The shock sizing about the normal 45-46mm weighting surprisingly less which is only about 15 pounds. It is made of steel and zinc plated on the above. The steel Rod material on the other hand is chrome plated. The user of the spring can adjust it per his/her comfort and enjoy a smooth transition.

Features are quite why you should get your hands on the product. The construction of the shocks is designed with a monotube which then eases the work of the auto adjustment work of the disc and the pistons have space to flow high Meaning when you switch to a bumpy road, the shock will adjust itself giving you full assurance of comfort in the ride reducing the harshness the road. As briefed before that the shocks are self-adjusting and concentrated more on customized vehicles, it will do tremendously good in even if the tiers have a larger diameter.

Shocks that are deemed the best in the world might not be the best fit for your car. The height you like to have, the smoothness of it depends on your personal choice. The primary work of a shock is to ease the ride by confiscating the harshness of it. This Shock usually has a lifespan of 5 years or about 80,000 km on average.

The wearing out of the shock depends on how you use it and where you use it. A car without good shocks isn’t considered that much of a joy ride. This product created a place for itself in the industry by being dynamic and car-friendly. ultimately That’s what good shocks are for.

Final Verdict

Choose whatever shock you like. But make sure about your safety. If you won’t be saved z there’s is no reason to purchase that product. So, think about that fact and considering it, you can buy the most suitable one. Select the best of all ride it well and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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