ARE vs Snugtop Truck Caps

An industry boom when the product is essential in daily life, or they can create importance in society. Offering so many varieties of use the car toppers/caps have surely made itself a part of the vehicle essential in the modern-day. To get deep into the topic, for the quality, almost all the manufacturers opted to use quality fiberglass, safety maintenance glass and painted with base rail bright coat paint.

To look at the built quality the first impression anyone would have is that all the companies have a similar product. To break the ice down, No, they are not. Having been so much identical in construction, they have their differences and attract different types of buyers. The companies we are talking about are considered as the face of the industry. Their products have some differences and some similarities. To help in understanding the products more, we create a drastic table.

Snugtop vs ARE

A.R.E Truck Caps

Snugtop Truck Caps

2 lights front and back

3 lights, extra one in the middle

Fiberglass with spray salt rating safety glass with no distraction

Custom fit clear coat paint mounted flush all glass side window

Hinge, mounted directly with the glass

Relatively small hinge

2 locks and a water resistant seal

2 stainless lock and a seal

Double safety measures in caps and corner Thick roof with honeycomb coat

Headliner interior shell fiberglass overlay in the risky areas Black tinted glass

keyless remote for effective operative lift assist is patented

Rear window pop out rain gutter efficient color matching

j clamp is the most modern out there

J hook enabled , easy installation

A.R.E. Truck Cap Reviews

The company Inaugurated in 1969, it has been a journey decorated with success mostly. Having opened the most prominent manufacturing plant to being crowned as the fastest delivery company, it won hearts by performance and hard work. The company is now looking to expand its service into more sustainable service and its plant is one of the most environmentally responsive you will see in its field.

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The company is proud of the network is set up across the country. Dealers have been acquainted with the car parts and cover to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Doing business in the industry for more than 40 years now is the only ISO certified topper manufacturer in the country. The parts and components used to produce the products are the finest of the branch. The honeycomb reinforcement, the durable fiberglass, and the base coat paint to match the colors.

Bagging the rating award in 2004 and beating its competitor, the company still leads the way. Although they have a limited product line, they have not lost customers as their designer team ensures all the demands being met within these models. Some characteristics that make the product stand out 

  • Big warranty for three years on the parts and a lifetime of paint warranty
  • Industry best materials used in all the parts.
  • J clamp tech for easy installation
  • can get a sports wing if you fancy so 
  • reinforcement doubled where needed, the hinge is a perfect example to lead
  • all the dealers are factory trained to give you the sense of customer satisfaction you deserve

A.R.E truck cap replacement parts

The company has a vast network across the U.S.A. They have successfully set up 600 and more dealers’ only in North America. So rest assured of any kind of assistance. Truck cap is the specialization sector for this company because it holds the record of the largest producer of caps. No doubt the truck caps are rated highly, but the replacement parts? Well here comes the magic which gives the company its edge over the competitors. 

The replacement parts like gas props or the palm handle are well reached among the users. Mounting clamps made by the business is sort of premium. It even has a power coated fit. The company always provides the best in the business locks. In truck cap we sometimes put our valuable things so a quality lock needs to be in order. This takes us to the topic of glass and this company was the first to put a fiberglass window in the market. The option to choose from windows is a luxury to have. You can either choose a sliding window, pet screen, solid slide, drop-down window and many more. The steel toolbox crafted inside the caps is a rare scene.

With designing master class and engineering, they have managed to pull this out. The caps from the business are pretty solid to be fair. To jewel it with carpet, you can find a rug headliner too. A small topic everyone seems to miss out is the lights. The lights in a truck cap can set the tone, and good lights on the back of your cap can increase your safety measures. The views offered as replacement parts are just as good as the stock ones and even come with the wearing.

As said before, the replacement parts play a crucial role in a purchase decision. But with this company and its truck cap replacement parts related worries, you can put them into sleep. 

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